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We are privileged to welcome three guest sellers to group for the 5th Annual Signature Wildlife Auction. They were truly handpicked, and we are excited about the contribution they will make to the sale in terms of genetics and diversity. 

Mark Cotton (Bulela Wildlife), Kat Ott (Glen Harry Game Breeders) and Keith Tam (Tam Game Breeders)

Bulela Wildlife

Paula and Mark Cotton privately own Bulela Wildlife, a 2100 hectare private game reserve situated 20km from the town of Alexandria and 45km from Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. Whilst only having been in operation for 6 years we have been fortunate to be able to draw on over 20 years of experience from our family at Tembani Wildlife in both the selection of our animals and the setup of our operation. With these expertise, dedication and hard work we are confident in offering a great product with excellent service.

Our main focus is buffalo and sable. Our buffalo are a powerful combination of Thaba Tholo genetics, through their breeding bull Sifa (46 ½”), and female genetics from Ammondale and Twin City, 70% of our cows exceed 30” with Margaret being the flagship at 40”+. 

Our sable come from two of the five premier bloodlines in South Africa. The breeding bulls are from the Thaba Tholo Nike line and the cows are from the Madala bloodline. Our philosophy of combining the best available bloodlines is already proving to be a winning formula with some exceptional progeny coming to the fore in terms of horn shape, length and body condition.

The principle of using the best possible genetics flows through to our other species which include nyala, waterbuck, golden wildebeest, black impala, kudu, bushbuck, steenbuck, Cape Mountain zebra, tsessebe and gemsbuck.

Prospective buyers are encouraged to contact the Cottons and visit Bulela Wildlife to see for themselves.

  • +27 83 789 0028
  • Web address here???

Glen Harry Game Breeders

Glen Harry Game Breeders, owned by the Folkes family, is 10,000Ha of pristine mountains and deep valleys situated along the Sunday’s river in the parasite free Karoo, near Graaff-Reinet. In 2013 Glen Harry entered the super stud arena, specialising in buffalo breeding, but with a distinct and very different strategy. Unlike other breeders, Glen Harry decided not to purchase a bull but to rather invest in a herd of cows selected from the best blood lines from the “premier league” of breeders and then cover them to the widest and most covetable bulls in the country, creating a diverse herd of the very best genetics. The herd now consist of blood lines from the country’s biggest bulls such as Horison, Pymat, Inala, Grootbaas, Tyson, Bassa, Leba, Nkosana and Sidima, along with exceptional genetics to create the most desirable horn formations from Matetsi, Bayeto, Derdemag, Zeus and Gnu. The cows also come from exceptional female genetics such as Burundi and Grace. These mixed bloodlines between our cows and the country’s most desirable bulls is the key to our success. The herd has now reached a size where a few select animals can be released for sale for the very first time, all with superb lineage and all in their prime. All animals will bring superb genetics to whomsoever purchases them and because they are young will offer many years of top production. 


Tam Game Breeders

Tam Game Breeders is situated roughly 14km outside Cradock on the R61 Graaff-Reinet road.  Home to a diverse selection of wildlife we at Tam Game Breeders ensure we source the best genetics the industry has to offer.  The wildlife species include East African and East African/Addo buffalo.  We run two herds with the one bull coming from our good friend Mr Norman Adami, Tugela and the other bull originating out of Thaba Tholo respectively.  In the sable breeding we decided to pursue Matetsi sable.  Not only do they originate from Southern Africa but they are also known to hold records for their horn length.  Our breeding bull, Sterling, a Rapella son has a host of half brothers whom have already taken the industry by storm.  Rapella was a breeding bull at Crown Game Breeders whom has left behind a legacy.  Other species include the Greater Kudu with our breeding bull originating from Tembani, Nyala and various other plains game such as a variety of Springbuck, Impala, Wildebeest and Oryx.  We ensure to maintain the highest standards when selecting the animals to add to our herds.  Careful selection criteria include the animals genetic background as well as purchasing from reputable sellers in the industry.  We strive to conserve and protect our wildlife as we have identified the importance of this for our beautiful country and its future. As we believe at Tam Game Breeders “Wildlife is God’s gift to Mankind”.

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