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Kwandwe Private Game Reserve has been breeding buffalo for close to twenty years, in an extensive area with large predators. The animals were originally sourced from Addo Elephant National Park and from the pure East African herd of Sable Ranch. The Chouest Family acquired Kwandwe in 2012, they have extensive knowledge of, and passion for, Whitetail Deer breeding in the United States. The breeding of high quality African species was a natural progression for them at Kwandwe.

In 2013, Kwandwe Signature Wildlife was started and to-day boasts one of the finest collections of wildlife in our country.

The original mix of Kwandwe’s extensive animals began to produce outstanding specimens from 2005 onwards and many of our animals that were sold on our original “farm-like” auctions, found themselves translocated to the northern parts of our country and of course many stayed in the Eastern Cape. Bulls such as Rufus (48″), Derdemag (49″), Leonidas (50″) and Conan (47″) were sold off Kwandwe and became household names. More recently bulls such as Charlie Bravo, Spies, Bollinger, Bond and Mthathi, show a solid performing system that has contributed greatly to genetics in South Africa.

Wildlife Breeding

Since 2013, we have acquired some outstanding genetics, added to the Kwandwe herd foundation, we are already producing exceptional young animals that certainly have us excited for the future. Our three premier herds, with herd sire Leba (49 1/8”), Mandla (50 6/8”) and our new
home-bred bull Mkhulu (52 1/8” at 6.5 years), allow us to mix genetic and phenotypical traits between herd sires. Consider these sires with some excellent females and close to ten other bulls measuring 50”+  represented in the herd and we have a great deal to look forward to, and to offer the buffalo investor.

Our Zambian Sable herds are a carefully selected from the top lines available and we use the same, carefully planned breeding that is evident in our buffalo herds. Our herd sires from the Nike line, Jabu (51 ½”) and the Piet line, Zulu (51 7/8”) complement the selected females.

Our Roan breeding has rewarded us with some excellent young males and enabled us to release to beautiful heifers to the market for the first time in 2019. 

Our animals exist in harsh environments with heartwater ticks, they have coped with the last four years of drought, which indicates their adaptability and we can safely say that our animals are adaptable and should thrive in new environments.

Angus Sholto-Douglas


Born and bred on Kwandwe, this young 6.5 year old bull already measures 52 1/8″ with a SCI of over 136″ and still going strong.

Coming from a line of top performing animals he is sure to be one of the greats.  


Purchased in 2013 from Thaba Tholo, Leba has proven his worth in producing exceptional offspring throughout.  He was last measured at 49 1/8″ and an SCI of 127 3/4″.



Newly acquired in 2018, Mandla brings bodymass, attitude, horn mass and simply the whole package to the herds.  To top it all off he already measures 50 5/8″ and SCI of 130 3/8″. We are excited to see how he will perform with our Kwandwe genetics.   


The proof is in the pudding and Jabu is proving to be an exceptional sire with his first bull calves set to reach the 50″ mark soon.  This bull comes from the proven Palanka/Nike line and already measures 51 1/2″


With Zulus’ sire “Piet” measuring 53 3/4″ we expect great things from this combination of the different Zambian lines.  Last measured at 51 7/8″. 

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